LED Screens

2000 GEL SET – 2 LED Screens (P6) Each 5 sq.m

Renting of indoor and outdoor use, 2 LED Screens (P6) Each 5 sq.m . Price: 2000 GEL

The price includes:

  • 2 complects  of  5 sq.m Led Screen (total 10 sq.m)
  • LED Screen clamps
  • Video processor – 2 pc.
  • Laptop – 2 pc.
  • Technical staff
  • Installation-dismantling
  • Transportation throughout the capital

Concert audio and lighting systems, scene and DJ equipment rental

Sound Group has been operating in the market for the tenth year, our team offers technical support for any type of event, professional audio, video, dj, lighting and other necessary systems.

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mail: info@soundgroup.ge

Cell: 593 11-22-44


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